Power Factor Correction for Substantial Savings and Energy Efficiency

power-factor-correction-installation-minneapolis-300x224When your power factor falls below Minneapolis electric company efficiency standards, they charge you a premium on the Kilowatt (kW) and/or Kilovar (kVAR) being consumed.Power factor is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is consumed.

This is known as a demand penalty.

The purpose of power factor correction is to reduce the electrical load flowing to your facility, thus minimizing wasted energy while increasing efficiency.

The power factor penalty is considered an incentive by your utility company to install power factor correction capacitors. Power factor correction can be tricky to calculate and should be done by a commercial electrical professional.

You benefit tremendously from power factor correction by:

  • Eliminating demand penalties on your utility bill
  • Gains in system capacity
  • Improved voltage conditions
  • Reduced wear and tear on your machinery and equipment
  • Greatly improved energy efficiency
  • Saving money immediately and for the long term

In fact, your savings may be so substantial that the cost of power factor correction can be recovered in less than a year.

Free Power Factor Correction Analysis

Sternberg Electric is a fully credentialed Minneapolis, MN electrician who will look at your electricity bill and investigate any penalty charges. You will then receive a detailed estimate on how to correct your power factor – free of charge.

We will also prepare an ROI statement (return on investment) so you can clearly see how quickly you’ll achieve PFC savings.

FREE Power Factor Correction Audit Includes:

  1. Lighting
  2. Generators
  3. Controls
  4. Retrofits

As trustworthy, efficient and experienced Minneapolis commercial electrical contractors, we’re serious about saving you money and providing you with honest, exceptional service.

We have the experience, tools, materials and expertise to exceed your expectations. We want your repeat business and referrals.

Contact us for your FREE Power Factor Correction Analysis and start saving money today!

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